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Tenex Health, in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic has developed an ultrasonic energy cutting tool for the definitive treatment of chronic tendon injuries called Tenex Health TX. The TX technology is an image guided, minimally invasive device that via a percutaneous incision cuts and removes pain-generating pathologic tissue and aids in the restoration of the patient’s full functionality without the need for traditional open or arthroscopic surgery.

The device allows the physician to perform a procedure under local anesthetic in an outpatient setting with no need for post-procedure physical therapy, and generally results in the patient being back at full activity in a relatively short period of time after the procedure.

Moreover, while Tenex Health TX provides a new and definitive non-surgical intervention for physicians treating chronic tendon pain it also offers a practice building technology perfectly suited for specialists who would like to develop a new revenue stream for their practice by offering to their patient base a fully reimbursable, minimally invasive image guided technology.

Performed with local anesthetic, it's as safe as a cortisone shot, is well tolerated by patients and has shown extremely high effectiveness.

To quickly recap, the TX1 is:

  • tissue specific energy which effectively removes pathology
  • minimally invasive with the entire procedure completed in 15 minutes
  • well tolerated by patients with a quick recovery time
  • successfully treated over 25,000 patients with >90% being pain free
  • very strong in its safety profile, no clinical complications reported