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mi-eye 2 | camera-enabled technology for in office diagnostics

Trice Medical™ was founded to fundamentally improve orthopedic diagnostics for the patient, physician, and payor by providing instant, eyes-on, answers. Trice has pioneered fully integrated camera-enabled technologies that provide a clinical solution that is optimized for the physicians office. Our mission is to provide more immediate and definitive patient care, eliminating the false reads associated with current indirect modalities and significantly reduce the overall cost to the healthcare system.

About mi-eye 2™

Trice Medical’s mi-eye device is designed to provide a more immediate, definitive and less expensive diagnosis, eliminating the false reads of indirect modalities, such as MRIs. Mi-eye is a fully disposable, single-use, streamlined visualization device that uses a standard 14-gauge needle with an integrated camera and light source to perform a diagnostic arthroscopy--all while in the physician’s office during the initial consultation. A separate Surface Pro tablet, running on Android OS, is attached via a data cable from the mi-eye needle. Mi-eye is delivered to customers in sterile packaging and ready for immediate use. The company's Micro Vision Solutions enable definitive and convenient surgical-grade care in the physician's office. Trice's products are designed to streamline the delivery of care, reduce costs to the healthcare system and improve patient outcomes via existing reimbursement codes.